Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Huddleston-Rangel Wedding: Ireland!

So, I’m FINALLY able to blog once again and I’m SO happy to be blogging about the trip I just took to Barberstown Castle in Ireland this week. Yes... That’s right, I said “castle”. Kelly and Abdon were married at a castle! How cool is that?

The trip was quick; I arrived on Sunday, met everyone for dinner, then worked all day Monday to capture the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to. Yes folks, this castle by far makes the most beautiful wedding venue I’ve ever seen. The castle is only a small portion of the estate. A stately 5-star hotel is attached and all of us stayed together and got to enjoy every moment of the beautiful grounds and winding hallways inside that led to one food hall after another... It was fabulous and the food was to die for. 

Kelly told me she had always wanted to get married in a castle and found Barberstown by searching “castles” on the web. That’s right... I guess she Googled and “felt lucky”, because she certainly hit the mark with this amazing place.

Many congratulations to Kelly and Abdon and wow... What a wonderful and unforgettable celebration you threw! 

Thanks for having me there to work with you!!! 


Barberstown Castle:  http://www.barberstowncastle.ie 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alice and Mike - Day After

Well, not really... More like a month after. But it was well worth the wait as we all ventured out to Anderson, TX to do their day-after shoot around the town where Alice's family's ranch is located. Complete with cows, farms, old buildings, and what's left of a town that obviously has a lot of history, this was pure country at its best!