Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laura + Ryan

Last weekend I trekked all the way down to Galveston for another unusual place to shoot. This time it was for Laura and Ryan and we went to the Lone Star Flight Museum. Ryan's grandfather was the inspiration for this location because he flew in one of the planes (B-17) that was on display. He and Laura made arrangements to have their session there and how much fun was it to shoot in there you ask? Well, as soon as they allowed us to actually crawl inside the B-17 and take photos, the afternoon became more and more fun and interesting. We spent almost four hours playing around in there and had they not selected this fabulous place to shoot their engagements, I may not have ever had the privilege of visiting.

What a fantastic afternoon!

Kristen - Boudoir

A little late is better than never, no? Lurkers, meet Kristen. I worked with Kristen about a month ago for a quick little boudoir shoot just before she boarded a plane and headed off to her wedding. She wanted to have a nice little surprise for her groom on their wedding day and she did this just in time. As all of my clients go, Kristen was a lot of fun to work with and so good in front of the camera. She showed up looking beautiful and with a whole bag of ideas packed and ready to go. Thanks Heather for another wonderful job! And congratulations Kristen on your wedding!!!

Hair/makeup: Hues by Heather

Monday, July 26, 2010

Andrew - 3 Months

Last week, I made a post on Facebook saying how lucky I felt to have such amazing clients and friends. This family is one of the reasons I made that post. If you've missed him, here he is again and he's getting bigger and more handsome by the minute... It's Kelly and Abdon's precious angel, Andrew. He's a whopping three (and a half) months old now and cute as ever. I wish it was possible to bottle the little noises babies make because they never sound the same from one to the next and Andrew's little squeal had me smiling the entire time I spent with him today. Such an adorable little thing.

And yes, I also fell in love with Kelly and Abdon's adorable little Yorkies. What a fun way to spend the day! Thanks Kelly (and mom :-)!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grace - Baby

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting some photos of a newborn, almost at the very time of her birth. Meet Grace. The latest addition to the McConaughey clan and the first girl for Karen and Brian. Having gone through a delivery myself just five months ago, I was surprised and in awe of Karen's bravery having a photographer in the room with her just after an experience like this. However, this is also why I felt so honored to do something like this for her. The room was filled with all sorts of fabulous emotions as her family walked in to meet little Grace for the first time. It was hard to hold back tears myself as I did this shoot... So worth it!

With Karen also being a photographer, I'm sure Grace is going to be the SECOND most photographed baby I know :-)

Congratulations Karen and the rest of the McConaughey family. Little Grace is absolutely perfect and beautiful.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Negron - Huddleston Wedding - San Juan

Wow. Where do I start? This past weekend I traveled to beautiful San Juan for an absolutely fabulous wedding joining Jim and Yeishi. As a photographer, you know it's going to be a good day when the bride is this much fun to be around. Like so many of my brides, Yeishi is just so beautiful and fun, she just lights up any room she enters. And to see her and Jim together is always so endearing. As I've been saying for so long, whenever a couple has this level of chemistry, you're always going to get some fantastic photos. Here is another shining example of this.

I want to congratulate the Kiernan, Huddleston, and Negron families and thank them for the warm hospitality and upbeat atmosphere they always generate. I know from experience that these people know how to have a wedding... And it's always going to be unforgettable.

Most of all, congratulations to Jim and Yeishi. May you have the most rewarding and treasured moments going forward together as man and wife. And Jim, don't forget to "go Roth!"

Coordination - Momentus