Friday, March 26, 2010

Katie - Bridal

Hi lurkers, meet Katie! Katie is the beautiful bride-to-be below I spent the late afternoon with making picture-perfect bridal portraits.  Not only did Katie bring an absolutely beautiful dress, she brought her fiancĂ©'s guitar. I LOVE props!  As with so many of my clients, Katie was patient, sweet, and pretty adventurous.  The right mix for another great shoot :-)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Kerr - Saville Wedding

Saturday night was a great night! I love working weddings that are filled with laughter and tears the whole night through. Rachel and Eric's wedding at The Grove was a perfect example of what I like most about these events. The details, colors, theme, and setting were perfect and Rachel's hard work definitely paid off.  The best detail however, were the argyle sweaters worn by the two ushers, Adam and Shay. I can't say I've been to a wedding where I've been so entertained by two individuals based almost on their attire alone. It takes a special kind of personality to pull something like that off and they handled it like champs!

Nothing stood in the way of this beautiful wedding. Not the rain, cold weather, wind, etc. No matter what obstacle mother nature tried to introduce, nothing was going to hinder this party.

Congratulations Rachel and Eric!!!

(And no Adam, the photo below... STAYS! :-)

Krystal - Bridal

Wind. It can be a good thing or your worst enemy when shooting.  But, add a veil to wind and you have a perfect bridal session.  You may remember Krystal from her engagement session last year.  So sweet, patient, and open to ideas, she always brings her fabulous smile when we shoot and I so enjoy working with her. Thanks to Hues by Heather for another fabulous job as well!

No peeking, Brian!

Hair & Makeup - Hues by Heather

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rachel - Bridal

Lurkers, I would like to re-introduce you to the reason I love bridal sessions so much. Take a bride and put her in any type of setting that's out of the ordinary, and you are bound to get something you just absolutely love! That's what this sessions was for me; pure fun and totally rewarding. And yes, it always helps when you have a setting like the new boutique hotel located in the Woodlands, Avia and an absolutely stunning bride like Rachel, to work with.  We probably could have spent all day shooting in and around this beautiful hotel. What fun!

Extra special thanks to Rachel's lovely mother,  Carolyn, and oh-so-helpful and sweet pal, Andrea for all of your help!