Monday, January 25, 2010

Gonzalez - Diaz Wedding

Wow.  I've been thinking in my head for two days how to write up this blog. So many "wow" things to write about it's hard to find a good starting place. First, let me say that I've worked a lot with Jeannette and Daniel and not only are they a beautiful couple who photograph well, but they're chemistry is contagious. 

When brides meet with me and say "Ok, our wedding is going to be different because of 'x' reason(s), it will feel more like a party...", I just take note and know that it will be "festive". I have to say in this particular case, as soon as the ceremony was over and the room was flipped for the reception, I literally felt like I needed my ID to get in because I was now up in da club! This couple can throw a par-tay!!! I like to take mental note of any firsts I experience at the weddings I work. One of those firsts at this particular event was the DJ interrupting with "Can someone please bring the DJ a drink?!?... VODKA!" Hilarious; I LOVED it!  This reception at Alden had what every other event at Alden has... A room full of beautiful people dancing and partying the night away. What a complete blast!  

Many thanks to May for doing so much of the heavy lifting on that crazy dance floor. With two pregnant photographers (myself being 8.5 months along and May being 18 weeks), I was STUNNED by her brave photographic skills in getting in that crowd to capture some excellent moments. For a photographer who is now officially on maternity leave until late Feb., I couldn't have planned of a better way to go out!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. May you both hang onto those smiles forever :-)

Ceremony & Reception: Hotel Alden
DJ: Ill Set