Monday, October 26, 2009

Lowe - Bratcher Wedding

Wow! One of the most anticipated weddings I've shot this year... Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bratcher! We had all kinds of fun shooting prior to and during this wedding. As one of her bridesmaids (and my pal) put it... It was a "Lovin' Lowe Weekend", and she couldn't have described it anymore perfect than that! The weather was more perfect than anyone could have hoped for, and the atmosphere at House Plantation was terrific. The beautiful decorations and colors that filled this lovely countryside setting looked like they were taken out of a storybook and the ceremony and reception were just amazing.

If you remember Kristie and Ric's engagement shoot, you may recognize the photo on the drum set on top of the groom's cake. How cool is that?!? I'll be thinking of a ransom to get my grubby little paws on that drum set! My desk is begging for it I tell you, BEGGING!

Many congratulations to Kristie and Ric and may you both have all of the joy and happiness you truly deserve.

Venue: House Plantation -
Cakes: Bavarian Cakery -
Hair & Makeup: Jordan Temple -
Dress: Ventura's Bridal -
Floral: Petals by Design -

Kristie - Boudoir

Wow, I've been waiting a LONG time to post this blog! Lurkers, meet Kristie... I had to wait until Kristie and Ric were hitched to post this because she was keepin' it a secret. Well, it was a secret worth waiting for because this was a fantastic shoot and we all had a terrific time. Can you believe she was nervous?!? How does someone this pretty in her pictures have any nerves at all?!? Hee hee hee.

Thanks to Heather again for all of her magic and help during the afternoon. Your work is perfect as always. And thank you Dafnee, for once again being my sweet little assistant and helping Kristie decide what to wear and protectin' her stuffs :-)

Hues by Heather:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jeanette + Daniel

I'm finally on a roll with the blogging today and getting a little caught up; YAY!  Lurkers, meet Jeanette and Daniel (again). You may remember them form their underwater shoot over a month ago. Well, here they are DRY and ON LAND! I'm going to call this "The Little Shoot That Could" because we had to move it sooooo many times due to rain. But, I think it was definitely worth the wait. Aren't they "picture perfect"?!? I love working with couples that are so comfortable in front of the camera. Having done the underwater session, I was sure this one would be a breeze. Both sessions are terrific! 

I would also like to add that Jeanette has some of the hottest shoes on the planet. What size do you wear?!? :-)