Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cook - Salinas Wedding

As wedding season rolls in for 2010, mine was kicked off with a fabulous evening for Nikki and Jesse.  So adorable and perfect for each other, these two looked amazing and had an even more fabulous wedding.  I could tell by listening during the ceremony that Nikki and Jesse had shared a lot together in and out of their church and I could just feel the warmth of close friends and family thereafter until the end of the reception. 

I must also add a special note about this wedding. Jesse, a petroleum engineer, whose wedding was at the Petroleum Club, actually had an oil derek as a groom's cake. So I can officially go on record as saying I've now seen the coolest groom's cake ever! I was raised in the oily world through my dad and I just fell in love with Jesse's cake! It was too perfect as was the entire night.

Congratulations to you both!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

May - Maternity

One more shoot and one more blog for the day. The storm pictured below has rolled n and it's time for this photographer to pack it up for the day. Many of you already know the lovely May pictured below, but for those who don't, I would like to introduce you to my fabulous assistant. Eight months pregnant, she just shot her last wedding with me before (forcing her to...) taking her maternity leave.  Also included in this fun little session is her amazing husband, Jason.  I love it when couples choose to do their maternity shoot together.  It makes for a much wider range of options, sets, and all around fun. 

Here's hoping she can hold that baby in as long as possible.  Love you tons girlie!

Jill - Boudoir

Going a whole week without blogging seems like a lifetime to me. In the flow of catching up, I wanted to get into the groove again with this perfect little boudoir session. Lurkers, meet Jill! Sweet and petite, this little knockout was a complete gem to work with. When my clients ask me "What do you mean bring props?" I mean there is really no limit to what you can incorporate into your shoot. For example... Jill used her husbands super cool Camero! How awesome is THAT?!?

This is Jill's Father's Day gift to her lucky husband. An album filled with his wife's boudoir photos??? WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!

Thanks Heather for doing up another fabulous face. And thank you Jill for a wonderful little session!!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Belinda - Maternity

If you thought I wouldn't be able to fit another session into this fabulous (work) weekend, think again! Meet Belinda and Jason; expecting their little boy in a few months (yes, she still has a few months to go!). Belinda has to be one of the most relaxed moms-to-be I've ever met. So quiet, patient, friendly, and pretty, she carries herself and her future son with a level of grace and confidence I don't think I've seen out of many expecting moms (especially ME!).

So here's a huge congratulations to Jason and Belinda and many fabulous wishes to all three of you in the months ahead during the remainder of your pregnancy.