Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kristie - Bridal

What a terrific week! This was a busy one for me (still is), but it's turning out to be a fantastic one for shooting. I think most of you have met Kristie and Ric before... But here they are in their day after/bridal shoot. These sessions work so much better than on the actual day because the couple is much more relaxed about their wearing formals, not having to worry about timelines, worrying if they're going to slip on the vow front, etc. It's just a casual time to be together and take some really great photos. OH! And looks who else made a return appearance; DUDLEY!!!!! Soooo sweet!!!

And thanks Heather for doing another show-stopping job on another beautiful subject. I think we can call Kristie a Paper Dolls "All-Star" now, can't we?!?  So pretty :-)

Hair and Makeup - hues by Heather:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Julia - Bridal

I love bridal sessions. I never feel like I get to do enough of them because I just love them so much. Why? Sessions like THIS! This was the perfect day for shooting an outdoor bridal session; the sun was starting to go down so I could get that fabulous "rim light", the breeze was pleasant, the gardens were stunning, and well, Julia is just a complete doll and is so wonderful in front of the camera! 

Another great day :-)

Hair and Makeup -  Jordan Temple: 

Rachel + Eric

Yesterday was a good day. The sun was perfect, the temp was great, and the breeze was awesome. It was a fantastic day for an engagement shoot downtown with Rachel and Eric. What a perfect pair these two make and even though I say it so much, there's just nothing quite like shooting a couple who look so fantastic together. Their friendship and laid-back personalities really shine when they're in front of the lens and well. So, because of this wonderful chemistry, it was just a really good day :-)