Friday, August 27, 2010

Jenny + Gregg (+Logan :-)

Wow, this has been a terrific week. I think I've had a session almost every day; each one something different and a great time. Everybody, please welcome the newest "Kerr", her terrific fiance, Gregg, and their adorable son, Logan, to the Paper Dolls family of sessions. Jenny Kerr is the sister of Rachel, who was married earlier this year and whose wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and is being featured in an upcoming book titled The "W" Day written by author and decorator, Giulia Macchia this fall.

Last night, we met up at a park in The Woodlands to do a little shooting during sunset (my favorite time to shoot of course) and aside from a small mosquito problem, everything went very well and Logan cooperated like a little gentleman. Jenny and Gregg didn't do too shabby either :-)

Thanks for the opportunity to shoot all three of you together and we're looking forward to your upcoming wedding!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Allyson - Senior

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to dress up someone who is probably the most laid back teenager I've ever met. Everyone, Meet Allyson! Allyson has entered her final year of high school and is probably going to be most remembered for her talent on the tennis court. I'm pretty sure her entire family engages in this sport, and puts most to shame. After shooting a bunch of her serves, her mother said "She had a textbook serve." All I could think was "Glad I captured it and wasn't on the receiving end :-)"

Allyson is not your average "girly-girl"... In fact, we had to search for a pair of heels and go into her archive of school-related dresses for some of the shots. We even put her in one of my dresses (nailing the serves on the court below) with the hopes that she could be comfortable enough to make the most out of the session. She did exactly that! What a beautiful girl and what a fun shoot!

Enjoy the very most out of your senior year, Allyson. It will be the one you never forget!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sharisse & Leo - Day After - Maya Riviera

Onward to the good stuff... Here are the sneaks from Sharisse and Leo's day after shoot. We started in the afternoon and headed over to the Cenotes to do some shooting both above and underwater. If you haven't had the chance to visit these fresh and saltwater caverns, you must go. Just make sure you pack good water shoes and a skin because it's COLD! However, the cold water hardly takes away from the experience of seeing everything that's in these fabulous winding tunnels (unless you're afraid of bats :-).

Later that afternoon, I went with them to their honeymoon destination hotel; Le Reve, which is absolutely beautiful! If I ever go back there, that will be the place I stay!!! With a storm cloud behind us, the sky was a dull gray, but it turns out a skyline like that makes for amazing infinity pool shots... I hope their stay is as amazing as the hotel itself!

Fine - Bocci Wedding - Maya Riviera

This past weekend yielded another terrific wedding somewhere on the globe other than Texas. This one was in Maya Riviera, Mexico. Warm and sunny with just the right amount of clouds in the sky, Sharisse and Leo tied the knot in a tremendously spiritual wedding on the beach. I hadn't had the chance to meet either of them before Saturday because they're from Los Angeles. But while most everyone there was from LA, I have to say most of the attendees were South African. It wasn't just spiritual, it was cultural and so beautiful.

The night was full of great surprises, but the biggest one for me was when a close friend was doing his toast and congratulated Sharisse on landing her job on the set of True Blood. I knew she was an amazing hair stylist, but had no idea she worked on one of the only two shows I watch on television. The next day, I discovered that one of the cast members caught the garter. Now when I watch the show, I'm all about checking out everyone's hair :-)

Congratulations Sharisse and Leo. I hope the rest of your stay in Mexico is as amazing as your wedding day.