Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Allyson - Senior

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to dress up someone who is probably the most laid back teenager I've ever met. Everyone, Meet Allyson! Allyson has entered her final year of high school and is probably going to be most remembered for her talent on the tennis court. I'm pretty sure her entire family engages in this sport, and puts most to shame. After shooting a bunch of her serves, her mother said "She had a textbook serve." All I could think was "Glad I captured it and wasn't on the receiving end :-)"

Allyson is not your average "girly-girl"... In fact, we had to search for a pair of heels and go into her archive of school-related dresses for some of the shots. We even put her in one of my dresses (nailing the serves on the court below) with the hopes that she could be comfortable enough to make the most out of the session. She did exactly that! What a beautiful girl and what a fun shoot!

Enjoy the very most out of your senior year, Allyson. It will be the one you never forget!


  1. Absolutely your angles and your different filters. Great work, and that is why you are one of the best!

  2. LOVE the first one. great job as usual D!

  3. These all came out fantastic, love them!