Monday, October 26, 2009

Kristie - Boudoir

Wow, I've been waiting a LONG time to post this blog! Lurkers, meet Kristie... I had to wait until Kristie and Ric were hitched to post this because she was keepin' it a secret. Well, it was a secret worth waiting for because this was a fantastic shoot and we all had a terrific time. Can you believe she was nervous?!? How does someone this pretty in her pictures have any nerves at all?!? Hee hee hee.

Thanks to Heather again for all of her magic and help during the afternoon. Your work is perfect as always. And thank you Dafnee, for once again being my sweet little assistant and helping Kristie decide what to wear and protectin' her stuffs :-)

Hues by Heather:

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  1. Simply gorgeous! Love the addition of the guitar - really nice, personal touch...

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