Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stella + Phi

This week I had a fun little engagement session with Stella and Phi. I don’t know what else to say other than these two are a terrific pair and they photograph wonderfully together. Based on the session I had with them, I think they were meant to be in photos together!

This session was a little different than most of the engagement sessions I do because there was a little bit of “role playing” involved. Stella and Phi showed up with a whole wardrobe of ideas and changes and we played and played… and did push-ups :-) YAY for big muscles!!! And my favorite is the the one below where Stella is checkin' out her bling while Phi opens the champ! Brilliant!


  1. Thanks Donna for a lovely time!! We had so much fun and the pics look amazing!!!

    - Stella :)

  2. love the push up one!

  3. the 2nd and 3rd ones are awesome girlie doodle!