Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tejal + Evan

This Memorial Day weekend was awesome!!! For me, it kicked off with a fabulous trip to Fredricksburg with the hubs to do the wine tour... And the fun never stopped after that. Meet Tejal and Evan; the cutest pair EVER! Tejal wanted to do something a little different with the night lights downtown, so we all headed to the Jones Plaza area to have some fun. We shot until the sun went down, and then shot some more! It was a great time and doesn't she have the most amazing smile in the universe?!?

The Sambuca photo is sentimental to the both of them as Tejal told me that's where they met and fell in love. Awesome! I fell in love with their Caesar salad!

Had fun... Another great shoot :-)

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  1. I almost cried!! loved it all!! especially the black and white with Evan's uniform and me in a sari... perfect!